Beauty Sales

I am going to be posting Team Sales, both personal and total team on this blog page and will share a link with the Team page! I don’t like to be limited to space and since the team was growing and all the social media changes that keep happening this is a better option. You are always able to come here and review them and anything else that is on the blog. If it is posted it is for you to see!

Let me just say Team Sales are not being posted to be mean or to isolate anyone. We have all been there at the beginning and some have had to restart their business. The more brochures you get out and the more you talk to people about Avon, you will gather customers! If you need ideas or want to talk more about this, we can do it privately or in the open. I want to see your dreams come to life.

People always say the SKY is the LIMIT, this is not true! You are what decides the limit! With Avon, you have to many ways to make money, don’t waste them. Have no regrets!

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