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Campaign 16



This brochure is all about getting your beautiful skin here with Avon. Anew is the best that I have found! Everyone has their go to skin care products! If you haven’t tried these products yet, you need to run (not walk, I live in Florida, the sun is hot) to your Avon Representative for at least samples! Weather is destroying your skin! If you don’t have an Avon Rep, I would love to be her. Online at my Avon Store, you can take the Skin Advisor! I highly recommend this!

Mark is a feature in this brochure as well! They have the compact that has the removable shades so you can pick your colors! 22 tempting shades to choose from! oh, the choices! This is one of the top rated cosmetics out there.

Another new item is the personal charm bracelet. These are adorable. Did you know that you could wear more of these to spell a name or word! Pretty clever huh?

Click here to purchase any of the items that I have talked about in this brochure. As always there are so many things other than these items in the brochure. If you need one let me know! You can request a brochure by mail! Sometimes you just need to turn the pages!