12 Days of Christmas 2017

12 Days of Deals #Avon Style Day 1 FREE SSS Bath Oil Use Code: BODYOIL cfreni.avonrepresentative.com #giftideas #12DaysofChristmas #ChristmasIsHere   Avon is right back at it again! It is that time of year that Avon offers you the 12 Days of Christmas! What a magical time of the year! As you know from the past,Continue reading “12 Days of Christmas 2017”

Campaign 19

Did you know that Avon comes out with a new campaign every 2 weeks? In addition to these books, they also have flyers, outlet, Mark and Living books. You can find these books online, have them sent to your home or get them from an Avon Representative. If you don’t have an Avon Rep, I would love to beContinue reading “Campaign 19”

Campaign 17

  Look at these beautiful shades on the front cover, they are bold and vibrant! Perfect for summer, do you like these? Give your opinion in the comments! Avon True Colors came out with the blues and teals, pinks and berries, and the corals and reds! At first, some of these were too bold, butContinue reading “Campaign 17”

Campaign 15

  Look what Mark has come out with! These wild New Pout Lip Pants are something. Lip Pant has 8 colors available. They have 4 Vinyl and 4 Velvet shades. Which is quite amazing. I am not sure what I think of these. There are some BOLD colors. Anew Skincare is one sale with theirContinue reading “Campaign 15”