Mega Effects

  Laura from Seventeen is checking out Avon’s Mega Effects Mascara.  This is such a crazy mascara.  New & Improved! Now enriched with keratin to give your lashes intense MEGA volume! This breakthrough mascara provides 24-hour phenomenal volume, leaving lashes darker, denser and more dramatic. Get ready for a corner to corner lash transformation with our firstContinue reading “Mega Effects”

Campaign 18

I will let you know that the cover of this brochure has been probably the most talked about! You know maybe that was the purpose, what do you think? Skin So Soft you just can’t say enough about this amazing product! It surely has been around for quite some time.  Just about everyone has atContinue reading “Campaign 18”

Campaign 16

  This brochure is all about getting your beautiful skin here with Avon. Anew is the best that I have found! Everyone has their go to skin care products! If you haven’t tried these products yet, you need to run (not walk, I live in Florida, the sun is hot) to your Avon Representative for atContinue reading “Campaign 16”