Green Goddess Facial Oil

Avon is bringing you a great product. A new type of skincare product, Green Goddess contains CBD, but no THC.

A Spa Day Would Be Nice

Well, Avon and The Face Shop have made that easy for you to do your very own Spa Day. Avon has three great products to help you. Veilment Natural Spa Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub & Cleanser, Veilment Natural Spa Black Rose Body Scrub & Cleanser, and Veilment Natural Spa Himalayan Pink Salt Body ScrubContinue reading “A Spa Day Would Be Nice”

Tips for Newbies

Tips for New Avon Representatives We have a lot of “newbies” in the group, so I thought I would share some important information! Some of you may know this. Sometimes we need reminders on things too! 1. Yes, we can place multiple orders in a campaign, BUT you will be charged a SHIPPING FEE each andContinue reading “Tips for Newbies”

Avon Online Business Tips

Six Simple Steps for Building Your Online Business Get digitally ready Convert existing customers Get new online customers Recruit digital Representatives Become an Influencer Follow up Checklist for Success! Set up and personalize your online store. Create a bookmark to your store on your phone. Add a link to your online store to all yourContinue reading “Avon Online Business Tips”