Products from the Past

With Avon being around for over 135 years, you know that have past products. As well as some that are still going strong. My goal is to try to find some of these to bring you back to that time in place. I know that I have favorite items that they no longer make. Some of them I wish they would bring back. Oh, the memories!


When you think Avon, what comes to mind? For some, it is the door to door Avon lady. Totally, people looked forward to her coming. You know you want to see the newest items. Goodness, it was a big deal back then.  For others, it was a certain product or fragrance. My mom used to buy me the cutest things like pins, jewelry, lip balms, scented of course as well as Sweet Honesty.  One squirt of that perfume today brings me to the birthday she gave it to me.

Tell me about your favorite Avon Lady or Product in the comments below.  Maybe you or your mom were an Avon Lady, I would love to hear about those memories too. Comment below so we can all learn something.

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