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In this section, you will find out a little more about me personally. As with anyone else, you will find they have a life after their workday ends. If not, they should! Right? All work and no play do come to mind. Everyone should have a healthy balance.

I work a full-time job, with Winn Dixie and sell Avon on the side. Some weeks just fly right by. Which is upsetting since I love spending time with my grandchildren. Occasionally, I will post a photo of them. They are so helpful to my side businesses.

I am going to post milestones and surprises with my business here too. I am looking forward to some. I am going to hopefully obtain  President’s Club with Avon this year. I am trying to step it up and see where it takes me. I fell in love with Avon awhile ago and I am loving this journey that I have no idea where it is taking me! Take time to check out the blog and feedback is always appreciated.

Take time to check out the blog and feedback is always appreciated. This is a work in progress. For which I wish I had more time to go on……

Avon and I

Hello, Everyone!

I want to share my Avon adventure with everyone! So many things to learn and do. I am learning something new almost every day. I was so interested in some of the products that Avon has to offer that I just had to start selling it myself. Crazy I know. But then again I never said I wasn’t. My goal with Avon when I started was to HELP pay for a cruise. Next year it WILL pay for it.

I started selling Avon in November of 2015. Now I am just ending Campaign 3. This is a new world for me!  Between the social media, selling, and just coming out of my shell. Every two weeks there is a new Campaign book that comes out.

Social Media is the place to be they say! Currently, I am on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and now WordPress. Feeling overwhelmed, but in time I will figure it all out. I promise to put up the links as soon as I figure that out too. I want to be able to get the Campaign books up here as well as Videos and possibly special items from the Campaign books. There is always that one thing that is special. Take a peek at the latest blogs and posts.

Eventually, down the road, I hope to build my own Avon team. I wonder what the name for that will be? How many people will be in that? Always good to have that goal in mind. Right?

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