Team Sales

Campaign 20, 2021 Every campaign I go into this never knowing what to expect. This was an awesome campaign. Time to get things moving and in gear for the holidays! Sales Campaign 20 , total sales for 2021 are as follows: Number 1 in Sales for campaign 20 is Jessica Guerrero with $512 in sales!Continue reading “Team Sales”


Every campaign is a do over. I am always trying to be beat the previous years sales. I never think I will achieve this, amazingly I still surprise myself. How do you set your goals? What is it that you want to achieve? Do we need to chat 1:1? Sales Campaign 18, total sales forContinue reading “Sales”

Repfest 2017

This seems so long ago and in fact, it was only two years. This would be the first Avon RepFest that I would attend. I was so excited and nervous. The time passed so fast. Before I knew it we were on our way to Nashville. That year I drove. We saw the sights andContinue reading “Repfest 2017”

Avon Online Business Tips

Six Simple Steps for Building Your Online Business Get digitally ready Convert existing customers Get new online customers Recruit digital Representatives Become an Influencer Follow up Checklist for Success! Set up and personalize your online store. Create a bookmark to your store on your phone. Add a link to your online store to all yourContinue reading “Avon Online Business Tips”

Are You Ready to Move On?

TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK You know there is never the right time to do any one thing. And that is so true with Avon too. Most people will tell you to start your team as soon as possible. Which, I agree with to a point. Mine stated 6 months in to selling and IContinue reading “Are You Ready to Move On?”

Fundraising Made Easy!

Benefits of participating in Avon Fundraising Increase Your Earnings Immediately A small group with only 20 participants selling $15 worth of products to just 10 Customers each gives you a $3,000 order—entitling you to 50% earnings in that campaign. You decide what percentage of the $1,500 will go to the Fundraising organization. The rest isContinue reading “Fundraising Made Easy!”

Facebook Parties or Book Parties

Here are a few Tips and Ideas Pin your introduction on the event page. Post their personal link in it. Seek out customers who want parties. When doing these parties note that their is no delivery, easy to do, and adds sales to each campaign. Find a Hostess There must be someone out there thatContinue reading “Facebook Parties or Book Parties”

Campaign 17 Sales

Every campaign I go into this never knowing what to expect. I am forever grateful for all I have and what you all do! Sometimes things just flow well. This campaign was put off due to not being able to access sales with the site down. Sales Campaign 17, total sales for 2021 are asContinue reading “Campaign 17 Sales”

Beauty Boss Sales for C-17

Campaign 17 Sales Campaign 17 seemed to start off a bit slow. I was happy to see it picked up in the end. What are your thoughts on this? You all are very amazing people, so grateful to have you apart of the team. If you are not apart of our team Facebook page, pleaseContinue reading “Beauty Boss Sales for C-17”

Tips for Newbies

Tips for New Avon Representatives We have a lot of “newbies” in the group, so I thought I would share some important information! Some of you may know this. Sometimes we need reminders on things too! 1. Yes, we can place multiple orders in a campaign, BUT you will be charged a SHIPPING FEE each andContinue reading “Tips for Newbies”

The Next Level with Avon

Leadership Where do I begin, I am new to Leadership, I really started this last year after Avon’s RepFest 2018. That was my first time doing any leadership training. After talking with numerous people, I decided to jump into this full force. As with anything, there are tips and tricks for success. I truly loveContinue reading “The Next Level with Avon”

Hello and Welcome!

It is time for a Bold Lip! 2-in-1 Lip Tattoo is here. You should be checking these 6 beautiful shades.

Avon Opportunity Kits Updated

Avon has decided to change there kits, to something even better. Something more suited to how you want to run your business. Take the time to go over them.