Fundraising Made Easy!

Benefits of participating in Avon Fundraising Increase Your Earnings Immediately A small group with only 20 participants selling $15 worth of products to just 10 Customers each gives you a $3,000 order—entitling you to 50% earnings in that campaign. You decide what percentage of the $1,500 will go to the Fundraising organization. The rest isContinue reading “Fundraising Made Easy!”


Did you that Avon does Fundraising? Anyone can have a fundraiser for anything. Fundraisers are typically held for a two week time period, some do like them for a month. Your choice. These are done online. You will have your custom link for your fundraiser. It will connect directly to my online store for peopleContinue reading “Fundrasing”

Are You Looking To Raise Money?

Avon Fundraising can be fun and easy! You can raise money for anything! Everybody has a different reasons for wanting a fundraiser. I am here to help you get started with yours today. Why Avon Fundraising The Avon name is known worldwide. We have been a Fortune 500 company since the inception of the FortuneContinue reading “Are You Looking To Raise Money?”