New Avon, LLC

So by now, I am thinking you have seen all the different commercials for Avon! It is so exciting to see that business that you are working on TV! This year has been exciting between the commercials and Project Runway. Avon let us know at RepFest that they were going to sponsor a season of Project Runway. I personally hadn’t watched the show before so I started. I was pretty impressed. If you saw either the commercials or Project Runway let me know what you think.

Do you know that Avon has more than makeup? If not you are missing out on all the excitement! For example, Avon has Skincare, Bath, and Body, Fragrances for that special someone, Jewelry that includes Sterling Silver, Shoes, Clothing, Purses, Gift Sets, Watches for every occasion, Holiday items, Candles, Limited Edition, Housewares and even items for your pets! Well, there is quite a list of things to choose from and to make it convenient you can shop right from your home!

Then there is Meet Mark by Avon. Mark is more trendy and geared towards the younger crowd. The latest styles and fashion are found here. Not to mention the makeup! The colors are so wild and go with the season. They also make this cool palette that you can select the colors that you want. You know like the people who drive the pink cars. Isn’t that awesome? I haven’t found anything that I don’t like! You will like these too!

Now for the latest thing to come to Avon! January 2018, Avon is launching Espira. Espira is a health and wellness line. Espira is a customized health and wellness line designed just for you, with formulations containing ingredients designed to boost and sustain your natural energy.† Our nutritional supplements contain ingredientsthat are naturally sourced to reset your metabolism, restore and promote your naturalradiance.

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