Did you that Avon does Fundraising?

Anyone can have a fundraiser for anything. Fundraisers are typically held for a two week time period, some do like them for a month. Your choice. These are done online. You will have your custom link for your fundraiser. It will connect directly to my online store for people to shop at.

Now with the ability to have an online fundraiser, anyone in the U.S. can place an order through your customized fundraiser link and have their orders directly shipped to them. All you and your fundraiser participants have to do is share your customized fundraiser link! How easy is that?!?!

Receive support from an experienced representative throughout the whole process. Upon registering your online fundraiser, you’ll receive a FREE fundraiser packet with promotional materials like flyers and Avon brochures so participants can share with those they know. Plus, your fundraiser will have a Facebook Event Page participants & supporters can share on their own Facebook page.

If you think this is something that you would like or know someone that would be interested, let me know.

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