Team Sales

Campaign 20, 2021

Every campaign I go into this never knowing what to expect. This was an awesome campaign. Time to get things moving and in gear for the holidays!


Campaign 20 , total sales for 2021 are as follows:

Number 1 in Sales for campaign 20 is Jessica Guerrero with $512 in sales! I see you being President’s Club next year with Sales like this. You were on fire!

Our team sales for campaign 20 is $2591 and YTD is $53,013. As a team, we are up 14% from last year’s sales. We are still on the up climb, so I am happy . If you haven’t started a team, this is another opportunity you may want to look into.

NOTE: Online sales are counted in with total sales for campaign sales!


I share as much of the training in our Facebook group that I can. All of it is on Avon U or on Avon’s Facebook page. Seriously, it takes minutes to look over a section. They have a resource section to help you out.

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I am just setting out in my mission of selling Avon. Excited is an understatement!

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