Campaign 12, 2019

Avon is gearing up for summertime. With kids getting out of school and Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching. Along with that you will need something for the bugs that are out there. Well you are in luck, I have SSS Bug Guard and Skin So Soft. I am looking to have these on hand for the summer.
If you are not familiar with Avon’s Bug Guard line you can learn more about them online at my store. I love them all! Just saying! Bug Guard is America’s #1 DEET-free repellent for a reason! It’s super-effective and every formula is dermatologist tested, PABA-free and contains Vitamin E! Truly a great collection for the family. We even have a product that has been pediatrician tested as well. There are two types the expedition collection and the picaridin collection.

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The big features in this brochure are the Skin So Soft line, Bug Guard, and are new fragrance, Aloha!
Aloha is part of the Far Away Collection. This is a limited-edition scent. It is a vibrant floral of tropical mandarin zest, tiare flower and radiant musk. So to some this may not sound appealing and that is why we have the sense of smell. Samples are available.

For Father’s Day we have to super fabulous things, one is a new fragrance called True Gent! You can buy just the cologne as well as a 3-piece set. Then we have everyone’s favorite scent, Mesmerize, and that is coming in a sports car decanter. As well as many gift ideas for that wonderful man in your life.

SWEEPSTAKES TIME: Feeling Lucky? Avon has a sweepstakes for you! May Daze Giveaway! Just click on the link, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Share with your friends! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’‹ #sweepstakes #giveaway #avonrep #Share

Did you know that Avon comes out with a new campaign every 2 weeks? In addition to these books, they also have flyers and outlet books. You can find these books online, have them sent to your home or get them from an Avon Representative. If you donโ€™t have an Avon Rep, I would love to be her. You can request a book to be sent to you or go online to my Avon Store, you can register to keep you up to date on the specials. (Sometimes there are online only deals only.)

Ways to Purchase Avon

  1. Message me on Facebook @
  2. Shop my online store at
  3. Shop the current brochure:
  4. Buy product number https//

When purchasing online at my eStore you can get FREE SHIPPING with a $40 order. In addition, if you are a first-time shopper on my site you can use the WELCOME10 code to save 10% on your order.

If you have any question please contact me! I am here to help you.

Did you know that Avon has 12 categories for you to shop with?

  1. Makeup โ€” You can see the latest and greatest here. From Bright and Bold to more reserve colors.
  2. Skincare โ€” Here you will find all your needs to protect your skin from the weather. You will see the latest things to hydrate your skin and minimize your wrinkles.
  3. Bath & Body โ€” Love this section! Avon has all you need for lotion for youโ€ฆ.seasonal ones too. And donโ€™t forget the bubble bath.
  4. Fragrance โ€” This is a favorite spot for many men and women alike. There is a fragrance for everyone.
  5. Health & Wellness โ€” Vitamins, I canโ€™t say enough about them. This the home of Espira products.
  6. Jewelry โ€” Have you seen our beautiful; collections. They are for a limited time. We have some of the best Costume Jewelry and a complete line fo Sterling Silver.
  7. Fashion โ€” You canโ€™t say enough about all of the fashion collections. The clothing collections change out about every 8 weeks. Clothing sells out pretty quick.
  8. Home โ€” Looking for something for the home? You have come to the right spot. Decor for your house.
  9. Men โ€” This is the home for all things related to Men. I would love to see this category expanded.
  10. Sales & Promotions โ€” The best part of the online shop, is the sale section. Some of the things are exclusive to online shoppers only. You never know what will be in here,
  11. Outlet โ€” Unfortunately, these are the items we are saying by too! But we do have to make room for more items. This is limited quantities on items.
  12. Coupons, Special Offers & Sweepstakes โ€” How Awesome? Current coupons and the latest special offers and sweepstakes information are found here. Enter the Sweepstakes each time for an entry to win FREE products.


  1. Credit cards to high.
  2. Outstanding Bills.
  3. Need a car or have a repair.
  4. You want a discount on your Avon Products.
  5. You hate your J-O-B.

Become an Avon Representative

Not yet a Representative? Are you looking for some great deals and perks on your Avon? Want FREE products? Extra money? Incentives? Bonuses? FREE trips? You have come to the right place! Avon has been very good to me and my family. Let it become a part of yours! This is a business, where you are the CEO! Looking for more answers contact me today!

There are a few ways to sign up! Pick 1, 2, or 3

  1. use reference code CFRENI
  2. Go to my online store click on SELL AVON or BECOME A REPRESENTATIVE
  3. Or just click here Become an Avon Representative
  4. Pick Your Kit, Pay Fee and Submit Application
  5. Congratulations! You are now an official Avon Representative and your own Beauty Boss!
Become A Representative Today

If you have any question please contact me! I am here to help you.


  1. Low start up fee.
  2. Free website.
  3. Free training.
  4. No inventory
  5. Being your own boss.


Once you become an Avon Representative and are on my team, I will receive an email from corporate within 12 to 24 hours. I will reach out and contact you. I will send you an email with the link to our Beauty Boss group page. There you will find support from our team along with ideas and challenges. I encourage you to be a part of our fun! While you are waiting for your kit to come in, we can get you started with other parts of the business as well as selling! Thank you and have a Blessed Day!

If you would like any more information on buying or selling Avon, fill out the form below! I will be happy to get back toName(required)Email(required)PhoneMessage


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