Campaign 3, 2019

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Campaign 3 has so many goodies in the brochure that I don’t know where to begin. My top 3 picks from this brochure will be the Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment, our newest fragrances Avon Stories, and the Garden Delights A Box.

Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment is our exclusive treatment now harnesses the power of retinol and is uniquely designed to maximize your anti-aging results. This lightweight, fast-acting treatment with our exclusive Amino Acid complex delivers wrinkle-fighting action. 2X faster and more powerful at fighting wrinkles than a leading dermatologist-inspired treatment. 100% of women showed improvement in the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Anything lightweight is great for your skin.

On to our newest Avon Fragrances, Avon Stories, the name says it all. There are 4 fragrances that are part of this fabulous collection. This collection includes the following scents Avon Stories Skip A Beat Eau de Toilette, Avon Stories Something Amazing Eau de Toilette, Avon Stories Cloud Nine Eau de Toilette, and Avon Stories Work Your Magic Eau de Toilette. Every scent tells a story. Experience the moments, memories and moods captured in each. What’s your story? 

Last and always a favorite is our A Box, you will always find these on the last page of the brochure and there will be a new one in each Campaign. The Garden Delights A Box is – Only $10 with a $40 Purchase! Get ready for romance with a darling bouquet of beauties handpicked just for you! Follow your heart and indulge in the lush, floral scent of Velvet. Then get lavish lips in Cupid’s favorite shade of kissable red. For love at first sight, steal a glance at your new look in a heart-shaped reflection. 

Two full-size makeup essentials, a travel spray and A-Box exclusive mirror.
• Avon True Color Perfectly Matte in Red Supreme, .106 oz. net wt.
• Avon True Color Glimmersticks Lip Liner in True Red, .01 oz. net wt.
• Velvet Eau de Parfum Travel Spray, .3 fl. oz.
• A-Box Exclusive! Heart-Shaped Mirror. Plastic, glass. 2.75” L x 2.5” W

I hope that you enjoy these items as much as I do. Enjoy until the next brochure!

Shop the Brochure Here

You can order from this brochure until January 22nd. Campaign 4 will be starting on January 23rd. As always you can back order from the brochures. Some items I recommend you ordering early to ensure that you get them.

Did you know that Avon comes out with a new campaign every 2 weeks? In addition to these books, they also have flyers and outlet books. You can find these books online, have them sent to your home or get them from an Avon Representative. If you don’t have an Avon Rep, I would love to be her. You can request a book to be sent to you or go online to my Avon Store, you can register to keep you up to date on the specials. (Sometimes there are online only deals only.)

Did you know that Avon has 12 categories for you to shop with?

  1. Makeup — You can see the latest and greatest here. From Bright and Bold to more reserve colors.
  2. Skincare — Here you will find all your needs to protect your skin from the weather. You will see the latest things to hydrate your skin and minimize your wrinkles.
  3. Bath & Body — Love this section! Avon has all you need for lotion for you….seasonal ones too. And don’t forget the bubble bath.
  4. Fragrance — This is a favorite spot for many men and women alike. There is a fragrance for everyone.
  5. Health & Wellness — Vitamins, I can’t say enough about them. This the home of Espira products.
  6. Jewelry — Have you seen our beautiful; collections. They are for a limited time. We have some of the best Costume Jewelry and a complete line fo Sterling Silver.
  7. Fashion — You can’t say enough about all of the fashion collections. The clothing collections change out about every 8 weeks. Clothing sells out pretty quick.
  8. Mark by Avon — Check out the latest fashions and trends.
  9. Home — Looking for something for the home? You have come to the right spot. Decor for your house.
  10. Men — This is the home for all things related to Men. I would love to see this category expanded.
  11. Sale — The best part of the online shop, is the sale section. Some of the things are exclusive to online shoppers only. You never know what will be in here,
  12. Outlet — Unfortunately, these are the items we are saying by too! But we do have to make room for more items. This is limited quantities on items.

If you have any question please contact me! I am here to help you.

Ways to Purchase Avon

  1. Message me on Facebook @
  2. Shop my online store at
  3. Shop the current brochure:
  4. Buy product number https//

When purchasing online at my eStore you can get FREE SHIPPING with a $40 order. In addition, if you are a first-time shopper on my site you can use the WELCOME10 code to save 10% on your order.

If you have any question please contact me! I am here to help you.

Become an Avon Representative

Not yet a Representative? Are you looking for some great deals and perks on your Avon? Want FREE products? Extra money? Incentives? Bonuses? FREE trips? You have come to the right place! Avon has been very good to me and my family. Let it become a part of yours! This is a business, where you are the CEO! Looking for more answers contact me today!

There are a few ways to sign up! Pick 1, 2, or 3

  1. use reference code CFRENI
  2. Go to my online store click on SELL AVON or BECOME A REPRESENTATIVE
  3. Or just click here Become an Avon Representative
  4. Pick Your Kit, Pay Fee and Submit Application
  5. Congratulations! You are now an official Avon Representative and your own Beauty Boss!

Why I sell Avon and love being an Avon Representative

  • Unlimited Income– Avon encourages you every step of the way to make more money. There are many ways to make it other than just selling from the brochure. 
  • Being My Own Boss– This is something every person should want to achieve. I am so happy to decide when I want to work. I set my office up just about anywhere I go. You can do this too. Not to mention I can make money and not work, isn’t that a plus to it all alone. 
  • Flexible Hours– Don’t you wish all jobs were like this. Because in this business you do as much or little that you want you to create the hours needed. I do work my business fully and enjoy it. The rewards show it too.
  • Set Up Shop Anywhere– This is one of the best features. All you really need is a smartphone, paper, and something to write with.




Once you become an Avon Representative and are on my team, I will receive an email from corporate within 12 to 24 hours. I will reach out and contact you. I will send you an email with the link to our Beauty Boss group page. There you will find support from our team along with ideas and challenges. I encourage you to be a part of our fun! While you are waiting for your kit to come in, we can get you started with other parts of the business as well as selling! Thank you and have a Blessed Day!

If you would like any more information on buying or selling Avon, fill out the form below! I will be happy to get back to you!

You can follow me on my other social media as well:


  1. Credit cards to high.
  2. Outstanding Bills.
  3. Need a car or have a repair.
  4. Need things for your children or grandchildren.
  5. You hate your J-O-B.


  1. Low start up fee.
  2. Free website.
  3. Free training.
  4. No inventory
  5. Being your own boss.

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