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President’s Club 2017

Wow! Where does time go?

I am not sure it seems like yesterday that I made President’s Club! My second year and I made this great achievement. I actually made it back in September. Ugh, Time! Basically, President’s Club is that I sold $10,000 of Avon. As of this writing, I am up to $12,000 in Avon Sales, which is working on the Honor Society. I have to tell you it was easier than you think. I do believe that going to Nashville, Tn for RepFest did motivate more into different directions. A truly amazing company! Wish I started sooner!

The best part of making this milestone was that I achieved it early enough to be guaranteed 40% earnings no matter what size order. As well as I get all of 2018 with a guaranteed 40% and up to 50% in earnings. I get more Demo’s which brings you a better profit! I hope by September of 2018. I am all hooked up. You get recognized for President’s Club a few different things throughout the year.


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Avon Fit Chart



This is a short video showing you how to properly measure to get the right fit. Avon wants you to be able to get the right size.

The three key spots are your bust, waist, and hips at the widest part. These three measurements make a difference. Also, note that the style of some blouses this comes in handy.

Avon always to make sure you are happy with choices. If there is anything more  I can help you with, please feel free to leave me a message at or comment below.