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Campaign 15


Avon-Campaign 15

Look what Mark has come out with! These wild New Pout Lip Pants are something. Lip Pant has 8 colors available. They have 4 Vinyl and 4 Velvet shades. Which is quite amazing. I am not sure what I think of these. There are some BOLD colors.

Anew Skincare is one sale with their Clinical, which has had some rave reviews.

Skin So Soft has come out with a Shave Oil.  The oil transforms into a creamy lather on wet skin for a smooth glide. Yay! Instant moisture while you are shaving, so you will have a great smooth finish.

Bug Season is on and SSS Bug Guard is on it! All the faves are on sale this week.

Click here to purchase any of the items that I have talked about in this brochure. As always there are so many things other than these items in the brochure. If you need one let me know! You can request a brochure by mail! Sometimes you just need to turn the pages!