The New Avon A Box

avon a box

I am so excited to get my hands on this amazing A box! And even more excited to be able to share this with all my amazing customers!

The A Box starts in Campaign 18 and is available through the 4th quarter. Don’t miss out! Collect them all and enjoy Avon’s best beauty favorites, handpicked just for you and your customers!

Introducing C18: Our Fall Beauty Trend: Divine Wine Collection. It’s got everything you need to get the look for the new season. Go all out and wear all 5 products together or just pick one to wink at the trend. The new A Box is yours to explore, delight, and collect.

Each A Box is only $10.00 with a $40.00 Core Brochure!

The A Box Advantages:

Go Big! Each A Box includes mostly full-size products. Fall in love with them all!

Great Value! Every A Box has a value of at least 4 to 5 times its $10 price, which means you practically get back the $40 dollars you spent!

It’s Exclusive! Only our exclusive Avon Products will be featured in each A Box.

No Subscription Necessary. Just grab it and go!

No Unwanted Surprises! You know what you get in every box.

This A box will be available starting next week. Look for them to come out about every two weeks. A new one each time. You can get this great A box and other items at

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I am just setting out in my mission of selling Avon. Excited is an understatement!

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