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Camp. 5 2017

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Avon True Colors is our feature for this brochure! Prices are good until Feb. 10th!

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Camp. 4 2017

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Introducing Nutraeffects in this Campaign! I have some samples. Prices in this brochure are good until Jan 27th!

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Camp. 3 2017

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I have waited for Little Red Dress to come out! Yes, I purchased mine and you can too. Special pricing in this issue! Prices are good until Jan 13th!

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Camp. 2 2017

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You may purchase items from this book at these prices until Dec.23rd!


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Opportunity Knocks

Sometimes when we aren’t expecting it, opportunity knocks. Not always do we answer it.  Why? What is the harm? In most cases, there is no harm.

Well, I am knocking with an Avon opportunity! I am seeking YOU out, I want YOU to be successful with Avon. There are a few ways to do this. When you first sign up you have the opportunity to purchase a kit!  As you can see with the price increase you can have more products! Which is great for selling as well as sampling! There is never a product that you can’t sample. Note: The premium kit has a bag, it is not necessary to purchase this kit. Purchase what you think is reasonable.


Along with purchasing a kit, you get a website (at no FEE!), discounts on items and of course the OPPORTUNITY to make MONEY! Anywhere between 20% and 50%. Now it’s time to Kickstart your business.


There are a few perks with the OPPORTUNITY!

  • You are your own BOSS
  • Appreciated for your accomplishments
  • Set your own schedules
  • No need to keep inventory
  • No termination fees
  • Can get into leadership
  • Product preview
  • Sample access
  • Earn trips — June is Bahamas – as well as other itemsatlantis
  • Bonuses
  • Training
  • Endless help
  • Sell to anyone, anywhere

Your only real requirements

  • Be motivated
  • Open minded
  • Go-getter
  • Not a quitter
  • Want to make extra income


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 I was totally amazed when I heard about Opal. At 94, she is still Avon strong. Nice to hear about the good side of a company.  Yes, she has some help. But who doesn’t? I can on;y hope to be alive at 94. Truly an inspiration for all Reps. Here is the link below to a short video on her interview.

Avon Rep still at it!

If this inspires you too, sign up at HERE!

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Avon Commercial

Love this Avon Commercial

(Click Link above to view commerical)

In today’s world, business are more competitive than ever! Do you ever wonder why? People like what they like! For me, it is all about Avon, what it has done for me and will continue to do for me! Where do your interest lie? With the boss? or with yourself? We all face some difficult times. Now it the time to start the business you want!


Resolutions 2017

Here we are one week into the New Year! Yippee 2017!  So how are the resolutions going? I thought of a few that I should make, but failed to decide which were more important!

My New Year rang in to the sounds of Atvs and Dirt bikes revving engines and racing around the campground in the dark! I am sure this is different than how most of you spent your New Year’s Eve. At the moment, hearing those engines start up, I decide that I was going to enjoy my life! No resolutions, no broken promises, and definitely not going to feel disappointed! Here’s to a wonderful year with your family and friends that mean the most! We are not guaranteed anything! ENJOY!

Today on this 7th day of the New Year is special for it is my granddaughters birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALIA!


Little Red Dress 

Stand out in the new year with the NEW @AvonInsider Little Red Dress fragrance! #AvonRep

Order today to ensure that you have it for Valentine’s Day! Campaign 3 has a sample for you. Need a book? Send me a message.  I will send anywhere in the USA! Avon store is open 24/7! Open 24/7 Just for You!

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Avon Bosslife

Watch the #Bosslife Video

The link above is for a video on YouTube! It is about Lisa’s why in joining #Avon!

Everyone has a reason. What is yours? Nothing in life is FREE!

Invest in yourself and  all the rest will follow!

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Join My Team

First off, I would love for each and everyone one of you to join my team!  I am sure you have questions or will. I am here for you. I am loving my experience with Avon. There are so many reasons to join, What’s yours?

This is not just a job! It’s a passion and an investment in yourself! I wish I started sooner rather than later! I am here to help you!

The photo is showing you are current kit options and your investment amount!

Join My Avon Team Now!



Join My Team

Invest in yourself! Enjoy home life!

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